Find your ring size

So you want to purchase a ring for yourself, OR for someone you are quite fond of but you don't know the ring size. Humm, don't worry its easier than you think!

A couple options:

  1. We sell these easy to use ring sizer 's that are reusable! They work like a belt with little notches that tell you exactly what size you are. You can purchase them here
  2. If you head on over to your local jewelry counter and ask to get sized! You can go to a Department store jewelry counter or a dedicated jewelry store.

*please note that I use a US based size mandrel, some slight variations between companties. 

Tips for sizing with different band widths:

    • Thin bands like stacking rings typically fit true to size. Sometimes they can feel a little roomy because they don't take up much real estate on your finger. 
    • Thicker bands tend to fit a little most snug as they grab a hold of more skin on your finger. I suggest to go up by 0.25 to 0.5 of a size to accommodate this. 

Ring Resizing:

Can I get my ring resized if it doesn't fit as intended?

If you order a ready-to-ship ring and it does not fit, you can return it for a full refund. 
If you have ordered a ring from me that does not fit, you may return it within 30 business days in its original packaging. The return shipping charges will be covered by the customer. Item fees will be returned once the item has been recieved. That being said, if you order a made-to-size or a made-to-order ring, it is considered a custom and is therefore is a final sale. 
Do to the way I fabricate, it does not allow for resizing. I torch only and do not have a laser welder. In order for me to resize I'd typically have to remove all stones and any other materials other than the metal. This carries a lot of risk in harming the stones, the metal and the integrity of the item. So if you are ordering please feel very confident in your ring size.
Please be aware that my sizing may be slightly different than where you have been sized. I use a mandrel with US based sizes. Even then, some small varients may occur between companies. I try to be as precise as possible. I typcically write within the detailed descriptions if it is advised to go up in size depending on the ring band type. 
Another option would be to take it to another jeweler that is capable of resizing. They will have their own policies, procedures and risks involved for you to consider. Please note: Once another jeweler has done work to my piece, I no longer accept repair requests. The integritiy of my work has changed. 
If all of this seems harsh, its because it has to be and should be. This is not just to protect myself from misconceptions, it's also to make sure you have all the information to decide what's best for you! 
Options may be available for me to size up, sometimes it takes just a little sanding or adding texture (hammereding the ring shank to stretch it). Either way, feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss the options.