Arc Barrette | MINI

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A simple half circle brass sheild style barrette. Can be worn either direction.

Tip: grab two small pieces of hair from the front and combine those together at the back where you want the barrette to be. If you need to add hair, then add from the back. If it will not hold the amount of hair you grabbed, take away even amounts from either side. 

These barrettes may not hold all your hair if you are intending it to hold your literal hair amount or full amount of hair. The hairpins with sleeve and pin or hair forks are more suitable for that heavier load to bare!! The tip just mentioned will help you envision what you can do with these barrettes. 

Solid brass half circle. Attached with soldered on prongs (no glue) to the french style barrette made in France.

Approximate measurements
~30mm x 12mm barrette
~0.8mm x 22mm x 38mm plate

Brass will tarnish naturally when exposed to moisture and over time. See jewelry care for best practises. 

*Do not force your hair into the barrette. If you find you need to push hard to fasten the clasp, you may have too much hair in it. 

Please note that each one is made to order and may take 1 - 2 weeks for time of shipment.