Wenge Wood Ring | thick band

Wenge Wood Ring | thick band

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Reclaimed Wenge wood paired with thick sterling silver bezel & band. 

Matte blackened 'scuffed' finish, polished or blackened available. Please leave note at checkout with your finish preference. By default it will be polished.

If you wish to have a polished or blackened finish, please leave a not at checkout. 

WENGE: grown in Africa, it is a beautiful dark wood known for it's rich colours. Unfortunately it is now on the Red List as “endangered”. The number of trees have fallen by half in recent years. I've reclaimed this wood from scrap that would otherwise hit the burn pile. Within this collection are limits. Limits put on by what I have and what nature can sustainably keep up with.

There are however, groups and organizations striving to set the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially. So you can keep your life full of forest jewels while keeping the forests full of life. 💚  We will clearly mark these products when used. 

4mm x 2mm sterling silver band
17mm diameter wenge wood setting x 5mm high