Work With Us

Individual Customs

Each request is taken and discussed. No guarantees that each custom request will be taken. If our aesthetic, skills & resources match with your vision, we'll do our best to bring it to life! 
Open to your ideas & requests. If you would like a specific type of stone to be set into a ring, we can make that happen. If you have a stone that you'd like to see inlayed into a wood application, like out embedded necklace designs, we can also make that happen.
A custom request form will be sent to you after the request and initial conversation. It outlines deposits, time lines and expectations. No work will commence until payments are made and form is completed. 

Retailer Custom Collections

We would love to work with you! We love creating limited edition collections and exploring new designs, all while using sustainable, eco-friendly & responsibly sourced materials.
If you like our vibe & aesthetics and believe we'd make magic together, please don't hesitate to express your vision with us. If a custom collection is made, you can request exclusivity in the designs, within reason. We feel that is the beauty of working with an independent designer.
Depending on the availability of a particular material, maximums may need to be set.
In general, a minimum of 15 pieces will be created for any given custom collection. This is not limited to individual designs, but referring to number of total items. Timelines vary depending on design & material. A 50% deposit may be required for exclusive designs & larger amounts. All custom collections will be sold as wholesale, no consignment. 


Are you a fellow artisan, from the same or different medium? We LOVE to collaborate. It's a opportunity to showcase the best of what we do in conjunction with each other! It's a chance to explore new designs and mediums. The potential to reach a whole new audience. And best of all, it could lead to great new relationships! 

See what we've collaborated on so far! {link}


We no longer work on consignment. Some exceptions may apply for NEW retailers. 
New retailers may request consignment for the first three months for a chance to try out our work in their shop. At the three month mark, the items remaining will either be returned or purchased at wholesale prices, and going forward.